Introducing Pamela Shelly

Pamela Shelly teaches internationally and has been on the spiritual and metaphysical path for over 30 years. She has been consciously working with the Angelic realm and Ascended Masters for over 20 years. Pamela started her holistic practice in 1995 and began offering healing sessions and assisting Lightworkers to share their unique gifts and live their divine life purpose. She teaches Sound Healing, offers Angel readings, one-on-one mentoring and coaching in person, phone or Skype. Pamela is passionate about helping identify and break through fears and limiting beliefs, so her clients can feel more empowered and confident to move forward and make a bigger impact in the world.

Pamela lives in beautiful Sidney by the Sea on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Visit for more information and get her FREE newsletter and ‘Violet Flame with Saint Germain‘ meditation.

Introducing Randall Monk

Randall Monk first saw Ronna/Sacred Scribe deliver a message from Archangel Michael at the Wesak Celebration held at Mt. Shasta, California in 1997. He works closely with Ronna, enthusiastically sharing Michael’s wisdom teachings as well as the wisdom of his Lord Melchizedek lineage and the angels who work with him. As a Memory Seed Crystal Activator, Randy works closely with a group of angels and special, encoded Seed Crystals.

He also helps people discover their life purpose, manage life’s challenges and manifest their dreams, among other things. His website and blog can be found at

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