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Practices to Enhance your Inherent Psychic Gifts

Learn how to …

  • Consciously establish communication with your guides, angels and other beings of light.

  • Access more of your intuition and inherent psychic abilities.

  • Become a professional psychic (Not a requirement of this training).

This comprehensive, experiential psychic development training consists of nine 60-90 minute webinars that will be recorded for download. The training will culminate in an optional 3-day experiential intensive, where you will have lots of hands-on practice building your skills and confidence. The focus will be for you to have FUN in a safe and supportive environment. You will not only be supported by your teachers and fellow students, but also by your angels, guides and other beings of light.

Becoming a professional psychic is an option and a part of the latter portion of this training; however the greatest benefit will be your enhanced connection with spirit.

Topics will include:

  • Channeling & Automatic Writing

  • Mediumship & Interpreting Symbols

  • Chakras – Balancing and Clearing

  • Psychic Protection & Grounding

  • Mineral & Plant Kingdom Communication

  • How to See Auras

  • Astral Travel

  • Psychic Readings

  • Psychometry

  • Ways to Become a Professional Psychic

Each lesson in this program establishes the foundation for the next, therefore it is essential that students start at the beginning, participating and practicing as they progress to completion, accomplishing the intention they set at the beginning of the series.


All lessons will be recorded with replays and downloads available for paid participants. Therefore, if you miss a webinar you can participate at your leisure. Also, the program can be started at any time, using the recordings.

Upon completion of all 8 lessons and participation in the 3-Day Live hands-on workshop, each participant, at their request, will receive a certification of completion.


Pamela Shelly teaches internationally and has been on the spiritual and metaphysical path for over 30 years. She has been consciously working with the Angelic realm and Ascended Masters for over 20 years. Pamela started her holistic practice in 1995 and began offering healing sessions and assisting Lightworkers to share their unique gifts and live their divine life purpose. She teaches Sound Healing and Angelic Healing Practitioner, and Psychic Development Trainings, offers Angel readings, one-on-one mentoring in person, phone or Skype. Pamela is passionate about helping identify and break through fears and limiting beliefs, so her clients can feel more empowered and confident to move forward and make a bigger impact in the world.

Pamela lives in beautiful Sidney by the Sea on beautiful Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Visit www.PamelaShelly.com for more information and get her FREE newsletter and ‘Violet Flame with Saint Germain’ meditation.

Randy Monk is an international teacher of self-improvement, metaphysics and spiritual development. He has been studying subjects of this nature since the early 1970’s and teaching them since 2007. Randy is the author of Life Mastery Tools for The Age of Ascension. He also co-authored the Becoming an Alpha Master audio program with Ronna Herman. For several years, he has been working closely with Ronna, a messenger for Archangel Michael. Randy is Executive Facilitator of Quest For Mastery, an online school, with a focus on the teachings of Archangel Michael.

He also helps people discover their life purpose, manage life’s challenges and manifest their dreams, among other things. His website and blog can be found at www.TimelyGuidance.com.

Randy’s other passion is assisting people to share their message globally: www.EmissaryResources.com


Taking the Psychic Development class with Randy and Pamela has given me the confidence to move forward in my own first stage of business. I have started reading the Akashic records for clients and monetizing my practice for the first time. I combine this reading with some energy healing at the end of the session. This work is being very well received, and it feels very rewarding to me! The relaxed approach that Pamela and Randy present have made me realize that there is no great bolt of lightning that hits and says “you are talented enough to do this work!” It is just like anything else, you know you love helping others and that your experiences are as real as anyone else’sand you enjoy doing it, and then you practice it. They have enabled me to stop underestimating myself.

So I recommend this course highly! Maria Dios Waltham, Massachusetts 617-519-0414

Accelerated Psychic Development – Webinar #1



All webinars will be recorded for your convenience

  • Lesson #1

    Webinar #2 Lesson 1
    —An Invocation of Guides, Grounding, Protection and Intention Exercise
    The Differences Between Intuitive, Psychic, Telepathy & Channeling
    The 4 Clairs – how you receive your psychic information
    Meditation – What is Your “Clair”?

  • Lesson #2

    Webinar #3 Lesson 2
    Third Eye Clearing Exercise
    Is Psychic Protection Necessary? Negative Energies
    Mediumship & Interpreting Symbols
    Meditation – Pineal Gland Activation

  • Lesson #3

    Webinar #4 Lesson 3
    Chakra Clearing with Saint Germain and the Violet Flame
    Tools to Strengthen Your Psychic Abilities
    The Chakras & How To See Auras
    Meditation - Mineral/Plant Kingdom
    Meet Your Totem Animal

  • Lesson #4

    Webinar #5 Lesson 4
    Connect with Your Guides and Angels and Receive a Message From Your Guides Exercise
    Channeling and Automatic Writing
    Meditation – Cord Cutting

  • Lesson #5

    Webinar #6 Lesson 5
    Astral Travel Explained
    Relaxation Exercise
    Meditation – Astral Travel

  • Lesson #6

    Webinar #7 Lesson 6
    Confidence Building Affirmation Exercise
    Psychic Readings
    Meditation – Breaking Agreements

  • Lesson #7

    Webinar #8 Lesson 7
    Heart Sanctuary Meditation and Receive a Message
    Ways to become a Professional Psychic
    Deepen Your Connection

  • Lesson #8

    Webinar #9 Lesson 8
    Being of Service Guided Visualization Exercise
    Overview of the 3 Day Experiential Workshop (optional)
    Overview of The Business Program
    Meditation – Going Deeper

More information about Webinars

Webinars will be 60-90 minutes in length starting with an overview/introductory webinar.



You are invited to join us for an Accelerated Psychic Development Intensive on September 20, 21 & 22nd, 2014. The intensive will be held at at the Mount Shasta Resort or The Sacred Heart Sanctuary (Click here for more information about magical, mystical Mt Shasta, Frequently Asked Questions and Lodging Options)


During this experiential workshop you will have hands-on practice honing your skills and building your confidence. The focus will be for you to have FUN in a safe and supportive environment, where you will be supported by your teachers and fellow students, as well as your angels, guides and other beings of light.

We will be expanding on the following topics with practical hands-on applications at the Mt. Shasta Intensive. The intensive hours will be from 10am to 4pm, Saturday, Sunday & Monday. This is an opportunity to be in the Mt. Shasta area during the Vernal Equinox on September 23rd.

Pamela and Randy will be providing enlightening channeled messages for the group in attendance.

  • Angels, Guides & Higher Self, Grounding, Protection & Setting Your Intention

  • Telepathy

  • Channeling

  • Automatic Writing

  • Psychic Readings

  • How You Receive Your Psychic Information

  • A Third Eye Clearing Exercise

  • Psychic Protection

  • Entities and Negative Energies

  • Mediumship

  • Interpreting Symbols

  • Tools to Strengthen Your Psychic Abilities

  • Clearing, Cleansing and Balancing the Chakras

  • Plant and Mineral Kingdom Communication

  • Aura Viewing Practice

  • Astral Travel Exercises

  • Psychic Readings

  • Psychometry

  • Balancing the Brain

  • Various Meditations and Exercises Enhancing Your Psychic Abilities

  • Ways to Become a Professional Psychic

While we take all reasonable care, all activities are undertaken entirely at the participant’s risk and no responsibility can be taken for any injury of any type, physical or otherwise, suffered by any participant. By taking part each person accepts responsibility for his or her own safety and well-being. If in doubt please seek medical/professional advice before participating.

Please note with all payments will be processed through Timely Guidance.

**Upon completion of all 8 lessons and participation in the 3 Day Live hands-on workshop, each participant, at their request, will receive a certification of completion.